Are you interested in how intelligent and mysterious crows are? Do you want these smart animals to move into your yard? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you 15 proven tips on how to attract crows. 

This article is excellent for you if you like birds and nature or want to learn more about these interesting birds. Let’s learn more about crows and how to get them to come to your space.

Crows have been attractive to people for hundreds of years because of their beautiful black feathers and amazing intelligence. If you want to see these intelligent birds up close or make your home or yard more welcoming to birds, this article is for you. 

We will provide 15 proven methods to get crows to hang out in your area. Whether you have a big yard or a small porch, these tips will help you attract these intelligent animals so you can spend time with them. 

So, let’s get started and find out how to get crows to come to you!

Understanding Crows

a crow perched on a branch

Crows are smart, friendly, and good at fixing problems and talking to each other. Corvidae is a family of ravens, jays, and magpies. Crows can use tools, tell what people look like, and teach their young. They talk to each other through body language and sounds and have strong family bonds. These birds can also live in both urban and rural areas.

Crows will eat anything when they can. They eat bugs, eggs, fruits, nuts, seeds, dead animals, and small mammals. Crows are scavengers, so they eat leftovers. Feeders with nuts, suet, and grains bring them in. 

15 Ways to Make Your Yard Crow-Friendly

Making your yard a good place for crows can be fun and allow you to watch and talk to these interesting birds. Here are 15 ways to attract crows to your yard:

Provide a Crow Feeder: Setting up a Feeding Station for Crows

crow at the crow feeder eating nuts

Set up a bird feeder for crows in your yard to attract them. Use a stable stand or tray feeder and put it where it can be seen and is safe. Fill the crow feeder with different foods, like nuts, fruits, and grains. 

Keep putting out food so the crows will keep coming back. Remember to clean the crow feeder every so often to keep it clean.

Plant Native Trees and Shrubs

To attract crows, you need to make a varied habitat with native trees and shrubs. Crows like to eat fruits, nuts, and berries, so choose plants that produce these. 

Native plants also give animals places to hide and nest. Consider oak, maple, serviceberry, or elderberry trees. Research the plants in your area to find the best ones for your area, and then put them in your yard to attract crows.

Install Bird Baths

a crow perching on the bird bath

Crows need bird baths because they give them a place to drink and bathe with water. Place shallow dishes or bird baths in your yard and fill them with fresh water. Crows like shallow pools, so make sure the water is just a little deep. 

Also, adding a few rocks to the pond can give the crows a place to land. Clean and fill the bird baths often so the birds always have a clean and attractive place to drink.

Avoid Chemical Pesticides

You should not use chemical pesticides to make a safe place for crows. These substances can be harmful to crows and their food sources. Instead, use natural ways to get rid of pests, like companion planting, attracting beneficial insects, or using organic pest repellents. 

Using natural ways to get rid of pests helps keep your yard’s environment healthy, which will help crows and other wildlife.

Install Shallow Pools

Crows like having access to water in more places than just bird baths. Installing shallow pools or basins in your yard could give crows more sources to get water. 

Simple setups like low, wide containers or shallow ponds can be used. Make sure the water is clean and changed often to keep mosquitoes from growing in water that stays the same.

Create a Bird Shelter

bird house in the wood

To get crows to come, make places for them to nest and roost. Install birdhouses or nesting boxes with big openings so crows can enter. Put them high up in trees or on poles, away from any animals that could hurt them. 

Crows can also find natural cover in your yard if you keep it full of dense shrubs or trees. These safe places give the birds a sense of safety and protection.

Offer Nesting Materials

crows resting on the nest

Help crows make their nests by giving them things to use as building blocks. Leave out twigs, small branches, and other things that crows could use to build their nests. You can put these things in a certain spot or spread them around your yard. 

Avoid Disturbance

Reduce the amount of loud noises and activities that might bother or scare away crows. Crows don’t like being disturbed, so if your yard is always being disturbed, crows may stop coming to your yard. 

Keep noise down, and don’t move around quickly in places where there are crows. Making the area calm and peaceful will make it a place where crows want to come and stay.

Provide Open Areas

Crows like open places where they can find food and meet other birds. Clear away overgrown plants and keep your grass in good shape to make open spaces in your yard. 

Crows can easily spot possible food sources and do their typical group activities in these open areas. They are attracted to places with a mix of open spaces and wild vegetation.

Install Perches

crow perching on the twig

Place trees or perches in your yard where crows can rest and look around. Crows like to be up high so they can keep an eye out for danger or possible food sources. Set up big trees, poles, or other places where crows can feel safe and watch their surroundings. These perches also provide excellent opportunities for bird-watching.

Keep Food Sources Safe

Secure your trash cans and compost to keep crows from getting in. Crows are good at finding food, and trash left out can bring them to places you don’t want them. Make sure your trash cans have lids that fit well and are kept in a safe place. In the same way, take care of trash piles the right way to keep crows from bothering you.

Plant Fruit Trees

Crows like to eat fruit, so planting fruit trees can be a good way to bring them to your yard. Choose fruit trees that will grow well in your area and environment. 

a crow eating apple at the apple tree

Crows most like to eat apples, pears, cherries, and mulberries. Plant these trees in your yard, and crows will be drawn to them when the fruits are ready since they have delicious food.

Create a Scarecrow

Building a scarecrow can be a fun and attractive way to avoid crows from coming near your crops. Crows can be drawn to vegetable gardens, where they may eat crops and cause damage. Crows can be kept away from your crops by making a scarecrow and putting it in a good spot. Make sure the scarecrow is noticeable and moves with the wind.

Avoid Harmful Materials

Keep hazardous substances, like lead or zinc, away from places where crows can get to them. Crows could get sick or even die from these materials. 

Ensure that any outdoor structures or objects, like fences or birdhouses, that crows might come in contact with are made of safe, non-toxic materials. Make the safety and health of crows a top priority by keeping harmful substances away from them.

Limit Window Collisions

Place decals or bird-safe stickers on windows to keep birds from flying into them. Crows can collide with windows like other birds, causing injuries or fatalities. Putting decals or stickers on windows helps make a visual barrier so birds can see the windows better. 

These visual cues reduce the chance of accidents and keep crows and other birds from getting hurt when they don’t have to.

Final Thoughts

Attracting crows to your yard can be a satisfying experience that gives you a close look at how smart they are and how they interact. Be patient since it may take a while for crows to find and accept your yard as a good place to find food. 

By making your area friendly to crows, you give these amazing birds a place to live and help maintain the balance and diversity of your local ecosystem. Take advantage of the rare chance to get to know these exciting creatures and enjoy what they bring to your environment.


How Do You Get Crows to Come to You?

Make your yard a good place for crows by giving them food, water, places to sit, and nesting supplies. Be patient and steady in your efforts. This will give the crows time to find and trust your food.

What Attracts Crows the Most?

Crows like to eat a wide range of foods, like nuts, veggies, grains, and food scraps. They also like places with water, like bird baths and shallow pools. Crows also like places with perches where they can rest and watch what’s going on around them.

What are Crows Interested in?

Crows are clever and curious. They like to eat, especially fast and high-calorie foods. Crows like drinking and bathing in water. Social animals like them are interested in areas where they can find perching spots and nesting materials.

How Do I Avoid Scaring Away Crows?

Keep loud noises and sudden moves to a minimum near places where crows are so you don’t scare them away. Give the crows a quiet and peaceful place so they can feel at ease.

Can I Use Scarecrows to Attract Crows?

Birds, especially crows, are scared away from fields and crops by scarecrows. Crows might not be attracted to scarecrows.

How Long Does it Take for Crows to Find a New Food Source?

The crow population may require some time to adapt to a new food supply. It may take a few weeks to a few months for crows to start visiting your yard, depending on the circumstances and the food you provide.

What Time of Day are Crows Most Active?

Crows are diurnal birds, meaning they are active during the day. You can see them looking for food, specializing, and doing other things throughout daylight hours.